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11 August
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Yes I'm NEW to live journal HOWEVER... I have been an
Active Member on myspace design sites for 2+ yrs now
Requester NOT Designer....
feel free to check on it yourself or
Chances are I'm on your myspace too (although I did delete many UN-active sites)

I do NOT:
steal (I always comment and credit where applicable)
I am as active as I can be
(but yes I do have a busy life between family, cheer & my house)
If I like something I will request
If I missed it I will buy it
I pay for customs a lot
I'm not some on-looker
I simply don't have that kind of time to waste
I am a good member to have on your site =D
Anything you wanna know just ask!

I do not like blinkies & WILL NOT request them =(
Please don't be offended. I just don't like they way they look
they are just not my style I guess.
No harm no foul to those who do love them & make them
just not my cup of tea.
so please understand if I do not request from you if all you make
are blinkies.
it is NOTHING personal! <3


On a side note: if you friend requested me months or even weeks ago and I have not accepted your friend request then its safe to say I don't want to be friends so you may excuse yourself from my friends list because it probably isnt getting approved!